Hymn for the Sahara

Celebrate nomadic culture and world music under the stars

"Hymn of the Sahara" is a 3 day festival under the stars in M'Hamid El Ghizlane, Zagora, Morocco. From the 28th to the 30th of october, we celebrate peace and nomadic heritage in the desert of South Morocco.

Nomadic Culture

Experience the nomadic lifestyle... bake bread in the sand, join a tea ceremony & attend camel races. Sleep in a beautiful Berber tent.

Music and Dance

Dance with us under the stars to the rhythms of the blowing wind. Oum, Aziz, Tinariwen, and many more artists will be announced soon.

Local Products

Learn from the past and prepare for the future while meeting people from all over the word sharing a good glass of tea with just a bit of sugar...

Connecting Worlds

Take a walk through the festival market with products and crafts and smell, taste and feel the local treasures with all your senses!


Come to see our wonderful line-up and enjoy many artist from Morocco, Sub Sahara and the rest of the world. Our main acts are Oum – Aziz Sahmaoui – Tinariwen – Kaira Arby, - Awek - Imerhan N'Tinezraf - Hamid Ekawel - Hassani Group - Mohamed Dorentie - Horts DJ Groupe Amazigh Amediaz Band – DrâaTribes - Generation Taragalte - Chabab (young) M'hamid - Peace Caravan Residence Group - Residence Group music school “Joudour Sahara” / Playing for Change for the youth of M'hamid guided by: - Nabyla Maan - Fadimata Walt Oumar du Disco / Tartit - Samira Dainan - Susie Ibarra.

Tickets and Festival Packages

Come and enjoy 3 days of music, arts, workshops and exhibitions in this stunning landscape of the desert! Choose one of the 4 packages that suits you, we offer packages starting from Marrakech, Ouarzazate or M’Hamid. Bespoke tailor-made Morocco and Taragalte Festival experiences are also available.

welcome to our festival

"Hymn for the Sahara" is a 3 day festival under the stars in the desert of south Morocco. During this festival, we celebrate nomadic heritage and world music. Next to this we will host the 3rd edition of the Peace Caravan promoting peace and tolerance in the Sahara and Sahel. You can relax in the dunes, listen to music & poetry, dance under the moon and enjoy art or participate in workshops about the fragile environment of the desert.

Practical Information

Welcome to our Festival...Taragalte Festival is an unique experience, and you will ask yourself what to bring. For sure you need to bring a torch, sunscreen, lipbalm and some cotton scaves .. Here some practical tips & tricks to spend an unforgettable festival!