Taragalte Festival




The Taragalte Festival will be held in the middle of the sand dunes of M'Hamid El Ghizlane, between the south of the High Atlas, the largest Oasis in the world and the desert, formerly named TARAGALTE. A Moroccan rural commune in the province of Zagora, in the Draâ-Tafilalet region or the Ouarzazate region, also nicknamed “The door to the desert”. Its countless Ksour & thousand-year-old kasbahs, its mountains, its valleys, its  oases, its palm groves and villages (made of adobe) of ocher earth make up the charm of this region.


To fully experience the history of this sublime region, the Festival will be located near the former starting point of the caravans which once crisscrossed the Sahara, from M'Hamid El Ghizlane to Timbuktu.


The reception of the Taragalte Festival will also echo Moroccan hospitality and mark the nomadic spirit  by its exceptional setting, accommodation in bivouac tents or in village hotels, quality local catering and relaxation areas.


The festival will also offer you a whole series of concerts and local, cultural, scientific, sporting, environmental and well-being activities.